International doctoral students

What is involved in a Doctorate in France

If you have questions on the different types of doctorates, research supervision and French language level requirements, access the Campus France website.

Please note that while a miminum of B2 is required, C1 or C2 is highly recommended as this will enable you to carry out and write your research and navigate administrative questions.

The European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) is a classification which makes it possible to evaluate one's level of mastery of a foreign language.


Welcoming international PhD students

The doctoral school office can offer support to international doctoral students upon their arrival.  Doctoral students from Angers, Brest, Nantes and Rennes can be hosted by a EURAXESS center.

The EURAXESS network set up by the European Commission offers free personalized assistance to international doctoral students and researchers.

RENNES | Center for International Mobility (CMI)

Rennes doctoral students linked to a member institution of the Centre de Mobilité Internationale (CMI) can benefit from assistance with regards to

  • Visa procedure

  • Residence permit

  • Social Security

  • Help in finding housing

  • Opening a bank account

  • Help with filing taxes

  • Transportation, specific state benefits, insurance.

BREST | International Mobility Center (CMI)

Doctoral students from Brest can be hosted at the Centre de Mobilité Internationale (CMI) Brest. It offers various services to foreign researchers and doctoral students hosted in member institutions.

NANTES | Maison des Chercheurs Etrangers

The Maison des Chercheurs Etrangers de Nantes (Foreign Researchers Centre of Nantes) assists foreign doctoral students upon their arrival in France. All international PhD students studying in Nantes can benefit from the centre’s services.


The BAI accompanies you throughout your stay, helps you with your administrative procedures and listens to your needs.

ANGERS | The University of Angers's Pôle Mobilité Entrante (Incoming Mobility Centre)

  • welcome international PhD students and facilitate their move to Angers.
  • Serves as an interface between international PhD students and the university’s laboratories, departments, central services and institutional partners. 
  • Monitors and coordinates  the administrative procedures of international doctoral students.

LORIENT |  University of Southern Brittany

The  Service Recherche Partenariat (Research Partnerships Department) is the privileged contact for host teams and foreign scientists in incoming mobility. The University assists researchers throughout their entry and stay in France, administrative procedures and procedures related to daily life.