Apply for a funded PhD

Application process

  1. Aspiring PhD students may apply on the following website: “Theses in Bretagne Loire”.
  2. The topics are proposed and uploaded by the Thesis Supervisor
  3. Applicants must meet entry requirements before the application process.
  4. For non-funded doctoral projects : the student will provide his/her own funding and will be selected based on the proposed research project
  5. For funded theses (whether the funding provided by the Region or by the institutions): the candidate will be selected based upon his/her application dossier.  Candidates applying for funding by the institution will be interviewed.
  6. Once selected, the doctoral student will be registered with the research unit of his/her Thesis Supervisor and within the corresponding doctoral school. 

The “Theses in Bretagne Loire” website lists the thesis topics available


Other offers for funded PhDs

Other research organisms advertise contracts. Check out the Actualités page of this website.